Tuesday, 15 August 2017

jones international university

JIU is the pioneer in web learning. Our creator, Glenn R. Jones, has conferred a ton of his life to his eagerly held conviction that guideline should be available to everyone, everywhere. A connection mogul, Jones in 1987 dispatched the HQ TV organization Mind Extension University™ (ME/U™), which engaged 30,000 understudies to take courses from more than 30 schools and universities by method for TV. In the early phases of the Internet, Jones foreseen the potential and started JIU in 1993 – the first school wherever to exist absolutely on the web. Despite the naysayers, Jones knew in his heart this was the inevitable destiny of preparing. So it was with magnificent pride that in 1999 JIU transformed into the first totally online school in the U.S. to be guarantee by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools .

Starting now and into the foreseeable future, we have continued developping and amplify our degree programs – all of which are proposed to address the issues of possessed specialists eager to shape their destinies. In the midst of the JIU 2020: Charting Our Future movement, we will be rethinking JIU's Mission, Vision and Values, to ensure their cash, noteworthiness and game plan with our updated key course of action. Our present mission, vision and qualities are according to the accompanying: We live in a universe of incessant social and financial change, and the mission of JIU is to offer understudies some assistance with being productive in this environment. Subsequently our preparation strategy fuses specific capacities required for particular controls, furthermore consolidates aptitudes clustered around ethics, participation, correspondence and essential considering. JIU is centered around giving so as to fulfill this mission: creative and huge instructive system passed on by satisfied, solid workforce offering speedily open understudy centered organizations executing state of-the-work on, learning-centered development and learning resources attracting with constituents to make an astounding informational experience Through the engaging power of preparing, Jones International University endeavors to make a world where it is more plausible that sensible human needs are met, where the earth is self-bolstered, and especially where there is less conflict, not so much fear but instead more value.

A world where preparing is democratized. A world where trust is alive. We acknowledge that such a world is most conceivable where free markets exist and opportunity is rich. We are a meritocracy, we esteem sensibility, and we quickly clutch change as a buddy. Quality and genuineness are objectives.

An authoritative accomplishment of the JIU 2020: Charting Our Future movement obliges the sponsorship and enthusiasm of our staff, staff, understudies and graduated class. We have confined a Strategic Planning Advisory Council (SPAC) with enlistment that fuses workforce, understudies, graduated class, and pioneers from the business, preparing and development bunches. We ask you to straightforwardly confer your considerations and info to people from the SPAC, and what's more with JIU's drive, staff and staff. The target of this strategy will be to get accord and develop a game plan that reverberates with the desires of the constituents of the Institution.


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